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Employees by sector

Electrical, optical, precision engineering
Structural steel, mechanical, aircraft engineering
Plastics processing
Quarrying, processing of stones and soils
Food and tobacco processing

 In Mechernich as place of work
In Mechernich as place of residence
Technical occupations
Jobs in service industries

A picture which shows the populationstructure

Peter Dierichsweiler, Mechernich's Economic Development Officer:

“There are many prerequisites for entrepreneurial success – the right location and competent support are among them. Administrative red tape is kept to a minimum in Mechernich. We decide quickly and we act unbureaucratically. Companies located in Mechernich collaborate constructively with one another. Synergies are conceivable in particular in the metal processing, electronics and ceramics industries. The largest firm currently located here is Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH, formerly RWE Mechatronics GmbH, where some 550 employees develop and produce mechatronic systems for industrial applications.”


Dierichsweiler, Peter (Teamleiter Liegenschaftswesen, Wirtschaftsförderung)
Telefon: 02443 / 49-4220
Telefax: 02443 / 49-5220
eMail: p.dierichsweiler@mechernich.de