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"You can rely on us Eifel folk ..."

Peter Dierichsweiler
Peter Dierichsweiler
said a local entrepreneur I spoke with recently. He likes living here and his business is also enjoying great success – much of which he attributes to his well-trained, motivated and loyal workforce. The Eifel region with its beautiful countryside is undoubtedly an area of high recreational value – Mechernich in particular offers a great deal in terms of leisure and culture – but even the Eifel cannot live on nature alone. Mechernich is a business location, and as an entrepreneur you'll find everything you need here:

  • Flexible and straightforward local administration.
  • Fully developed industrial and commercial estates with a short, direct link to the A1 motorway and to the Cologne-Trier railway line.
  • Skilled labour force.
Mechernich is among those municipalities of North Rhine-Westphalia whose population is constantly growing and is likely to continue to grow. Mechernich is prepared for this expansion and we welcome new companies and new citizens in our midst.

If you are interested in Mechernich as your potential location, don't hesitate to call me.

Yours truly
Peter Dierichsweiler


Dierichsweiler, Peter (Teamleiter Liegenschaftswesen, Wirtschaftsförderung)
Telefon: 02443 / 49-4220
Telefax: 02443 / 49-5220
eMail: p.dierichsweiler@mechernich.de